Meetings - general, open, social, etc

This is a thread to announce/publicise details of

  • General Meetings
  • Open Discussions
  • Events is hosting
  • Webinars, training, etc

Online sessions to present/explain/discuss plans and progress for the new federation

and encourage people to join in and help make it happen

No need to book, you can just turn up, although if you can RSVP beforehand by email to that will be very helpful.

  • Monday 25th July - 11-12 - with me & Caleb of Principle 6 and John Atherton (project coordinator)
  • Tue 26th - 3-4 - with me & Debbie from Unicorn Grocery
  • Wed 27th - 6-7 - with me & Matt from Bartleby’s Brewery
  • Fri 29th - 1-2 - with me & someone else tbc

They will all take place on - if you haven’t used it before, it’s probably wise to turn up a little bit early to get your audio set up. It is a bit easier to use on a computer than on a phone. I’ll be there 10 minutes early to help.

Meeting link: Worker Co-op Federation

We’ll be referencing both this handbook/organising doc and the Heads of Terms between CUK and the Worker Co-op Council.

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Its a trust thing by default to limit spamming by new accounts, not sure what the exact requirments are but will see what I can do will have an ‘all hands’ meeting on Thursday 16th February from 12.30 to 14.00. It’s for everyone involved in the work of the federation to share what they are doing, a chance for new people to find out what’s happening, and see how to get involved.

If you’re free even for just part of the time, join us – Zoom Link
Register if you get a chance! All hands online meeting