Raising awareness of Yalla's Gaza Solidarity fundraiser

We had a workers.coop International group meting today and two ideas were floated for raising awareness of Yalla’s Gaza fundraiser:

  1. Organising a online meeting to raise awareness.
  2. Inviting someone from Yalla to a session on the fundraiser at the workers co-op weekend in May.

@joefriel could either / both of these suggestions work for you?


I wondered if there might be scope for this?

Organizational Sign-on Letter Calling on States to Support South Africa’s Genocide Convention Case Against Israel at the ICJ


I would support the Board of workers.coop if they agreed to sign on our behalf

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Just donated, thanks for the heads-up! Will share with my networks :heart:

Yalla did such a great job taking a project I worked on into a fully open-sourced project (including design system) a couple of years ago. Would be heartbreaking for them to disappear because of a situation (far) beyond their control.


Hey Chris, sorry totally missed this! Yes, really happy for both. For the first option, my colleague Lina could join. For the weekend it would need to be myself in the session as I’m the only one in the UK.

What do you need from me to help set these up?

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This is a difficult one, there is a big difference posting something that individuals, or individual worker co-ops can choose to sign or not, but it is another thing for workers.coop to sign something, in effect on behalf of its entire membership. Particularly on an issue that is very polorising and sensitive to a lot of people.

@joefriel for the online option best liaise with @samnord as she will be organising it.

For the Workers Co-op Weekend I have added to the WCW 2024: programme ideas - Google Docs if you would need financial help with a ticket / travel for the event I can take that back to the International Working Group to see what they can come up with.

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@joefriel That would be great. Would you please be able to put me in email contact with your coworker Lina? My email is sam@workers.coop and we can organise further that way if okay with you both :blush:


So sorry for the delay - that sounds great! And all fine with me covering my travels/ticket cost if this talk goes ahead at the weekend. :pray:

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If you can make it I’m sure it will go ahead and will have a good turnout — I’m sure a lot of people there will want to hear what you have to say. :fist: