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Hello! Long time lurker of CoTech, I’m actually in the US. I’m with a tech co-op call Conceptual ( I like self hosting, but we mostly specialize in startup tech, which involves a lot of AWS and API integration.

Hey! I’m moderately new to the cooperative community and I work in the US. I’m with the tech co-op Conceptual ( I’m interested in web development, embedded systems, and open source software/hardware!

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Hello @tim_jackins and @oatmealraisin! Its a bit quiet around here at the moment (we haven’t fully launched yet) but its good to have you onboard

Hi, Sion here from Calverts (printing and graphic design) and Principle Six (worker co-op organising).

I’m a Member of the mission group of, and also the external communications and coordinating groups. My main interests are business referrals (identifying new opportunities for members), also the abolition of wage labour and world revolution with unlicensed pleasure as its only goal. In the mean time, more and better worker co-ops.

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Hi all! Magnus from Sweden here, working in tech and specializes in larger ecommerce solutions, organizations, partnerships, cloud and that sort of things mainly but starting a blog about worker owned cooperatives next year.



I am Andy from Lupine Adventure Co-op in Leeds. We agreed last week that we would join up and so I put in my application just now.

We can (and do) provide all sorts of outdoor activities like Rock climbing, Winter Skills training in Scotland and Sponsored Mountain Challege events (like the Yorkshire 3 Peaks) but mainly we go in to schools and deliver the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition section.

I wonder if I clicked the right reply button and where this will go :slight_smile:


Hi Andy,

Kate here, Solidfund membership admin. Did you complete the application form here:

If so, I should have automatically received a copy, which I have not, yet.

Please let me know because if you have completed the application form then there must be a gremlin causing grief in the system!



No, It was an application to join the federation.


oh whoops, my mistake!


Hello. Austen here, Co-operative Development Worker since 2005. I’ll be representing Co-operative Assistance Network Limited, assuming our application for membership is approved.

Hey Ryan - Earthed Up! looks great, wltm next time i’m visiting Wild Peak Housing Co-op. Seems like there might be some scope for a network of agro-ecological co-ops, there’s tons going on.

Cath, of course come across and see what we’re up to. I’m not sure tons is quantifiable in terms of agroecological co-ops in the UK, would like to see and get to know more. Always scope for networking! :smile:

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Hi there!

My name is Tom Green (he/him), I’m 26 and I’m a committee member of SEASALT housing co-operative and Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT). So far, I’ve mostly been involved in setting up and promoting housing co-ops and assisted with BHCLTs #PushBackBrighton campaign inspired by The Shift Directives. We are currently working with an academic from The University of Sussex to run a workshop and co-design weekend centered around housing co-ops with the aim of creating a manifesto to launch a campaign focused on building a student housing co-op in every university city in the UK.

I would love to see the growth of worker co-ops in the UK having attended events such as Stir to Action’s ‘Playground for the New Economy’ festival in the summer where I saw inspiring examples of worker co-operation such as Wings co-operative in Finsbury Park, an ethical alternative to Deliveroo.

With experience running workshops for SEASALT such as at The World Transformed political festival and contacts in local politics and the press, I hope that I can bring a younger but dynamic perspective to worker co-operation! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


yes yes yes! would you come and do a ‘Lunch & Learn’ talk for the Young Co-operators Network?

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Of course, I would love to do this! You might know Simin who was a part of the YCN and its relaunch? it would be good to understand what YCN people already know about housing co-ops and what skills and tools they would need to get more involved


:wave: Founding member of WAO (founded 2016), part of CoTech. Happy to be here!

Making sense of complex problems while spreading the benefits of open. We’re a collective of independent thinkers and makers helping charities, ethical companies, government departments and educational institutions with sensemaking and digital transformation.

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Hello everyone, my name is Yuliy (he/him) from RadCop, an IT security workers co-op.
We have incorporated recently so I’m looking for any userful ideas and materials about building and growing co-ops. As your collective have a longer history than mine, I hope I can learn something useful here. There are only a few workers co-op in our country (Russia), but at least there are sociocratic organizations and co-ops of other kinds.


Hello everyone,

finally made the transition over to the new discourse forum. My name is Sean and I am worker part time at Birmingham Bike Foundry, where I’m also involved in the development. I am also doing a PhD on worker co-operatives and degrowth, with a case study in Barcelona, where I am for the next three months.


Hi folks! My name’s Chris - I’m a member of technology co-op Go Free Range and by extension CoTech. I met some of you via the first Barefoot Co-op Development training course. Nice to see some of you on the call today!