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Geof Cox - Semi-retired from a life’s work in the co-op and social enterprise movements - still with lots of training materials etc to freely share…


Hi, Ryan of Earthed Up! Edible and useful plants, based in Belper, Derbyshire.

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Welcome all and as a friendly reminder we have fortnightly mobilising meetings to onboard people and are planning I think now three local events in: Glasgow, Manchester, London and Bristol, so start bringing people together.

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Hi, I’m Alex Bird, chair of
I’m keen to keep updated with progress, but other activities keep me to busy to offer much practical work to support
union-coops:uk is itself a worker co-op and is keen to join once up and running

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Hello! Long time lurker of CoTech, I’m actually in the US. I’m with a tech co-op call Conceptual ( I like self hosting, but we mostly specialize in startup tech, which involves a lot of AWS and API integration.

Hey! I’m moderately new to the cooperative community and I work in the US. I’m with the tech co-op Conceptual ( I’m interested in web development, embedded systems, and open source software/hardware!

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Hello @tim_jackins and @oatmealraisin! Its a bit quiet around here at the moment (we haven’t fully launched yet) but its good to have you onboard

Hi, Sion here from Calverts (printing and graphic design) and Principle Six (worker co-op organising).

I’m a Member of the mission group of, and also the external communications and coordinating groups. My main interests are business referrals (identifying new opportunities for members), also the abolition of wage labour and world revolution with unlicensed pleasure as its only goal. In the mean time, more and better worker co-ops.

Hi all! Magnus from Sweden here, working in tech and specializes in larger ecommerce solutions, organizations, partnerships, cloud and that sort of things mainly but starting a blog about worker owned cooperatives next year.

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