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Drew here from The Bristol Bike Project. I’m our HR & Governance Coordinator.

We are a member co-op (50 members - comprising 10 staff and 40 of our volunteers). We been established for 15 years and were able to buy our premises 2 years ago with the help of a Power to Change grant.

We run a busy community bike workshop refurbishing donated bikes which we provide to refugees, asylum seekers, people who are homeless or facing long term unemployment.

We also have programmes for people who are socially isolated, young people and women / non-binary only spaces. People can also use the workshop to fix their own bike and we run maintenance courses.

We are largely self-sufficient as the profits from our bike shop cover the costs of the community work. Although it’s becoming increasingly hard to make ends meet and we are looking at other funding streams.

I’m up for organising an event for co-ops in Bristol.



Hi Drew & welcome. I’m in Bristol and delighted to hear you’re up for organising a co-ops event in Bristol. If I can help at all, just let me know.
In solidarity
Kate Whittle



I’m Oliver from fractals co-op. We’re a worker owned co-op. I join here with @LeahLockhart and @kierancutting. We are four worker/co-owners.

I am based in Bolton in Greater Manchester. My work is mostly research and evaluation, service design, and facilitation with charities and government clients. I am also a part-time researcher at Lancaster Uni, where my work focuses on using design to help build sustainable and equitable futures for energy and work.

I’m here to bring my experiences in education, grant writing, tech and research to help build in its support of co-ops and those who are co-op curious.

Looking forward to getting involved this year and meeting many of you at the meet ups.



Hi Jay - join us at the Yorkshire worker co-ops get-together, 7 Feb at Doncaster Skate Co-op. Grant funding is a useful discussion topic for a number of workers co-ops.

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Hi everyone,

I am Ivan from Bulgaria and I would love to ask some practical questions of how to run a coop. Coops are uncommon in my country, so I am looking for know-how from all possible sources.



Hi Ivan, so glad to have your voice here.
I recommend having a look at the How to Set Up a Workers’ Co-op guide, co-authored between Seeds for Change and Radical Routes (scroll down to 'Resources for Co-ops) - although it is written for co-ops setting up in the UK, it still has useful tips for self-organised businesses anywhere
Also the brief guide on this site has the link to the worker co-op code which is relevant to worker co-ops anywhere - mostly relevant to smaller co-ops, admittedly.